IMG-20160130-WA0036As you know from Starting Point, the main theme of this blog is influence of food of different cultures & countries on each other…. Being an Indian, it is natural that I’ll start with my own country INDIA…. India is a multifaceted country due to cultural differences, religions, festivals, languages, climate, ethnic groups,etc….. Naturally, because of this the range of cuisines varies here…… Each little corner of the country has a speciality of its own…. Historical incidents such as foreign invasions, colonialism, trade relations have also played a big role in introducing certain food stuffs to this country….for eg. potatoes, chillies, breadfruit were introduced by Potuguese…… Similarly, India introduced a variety of spices to the world….. Thus Indian cuisine reflects centuries of history of various groups & cultures interacting with the subcontinent which led to diversity of flavours & regional cuisines found in modern day India.


2 thoughts on “INDIA

  1. Rightly said Jhilli. Indian cuisine has not only been influenced by the factors mentioned by you but its rulers from different dynasties have contributed to its culinary culture to a great extent. Nowhere outside this country do we find so many different cuisines. Apart from the regional variety, we also find our people enjoying food like Chinese, continental, Oriental, Thai, Dutch, Irani, etc. I also believe that our people have the most variety of taste buds in our mouth.

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