Alisa is a fortifying ,wholesome & highly satisfying one pot dish & is normally served as a starter during marriages, religious festivals like Eid & other special occasions….. It is quite similar to harisa or harees which is a traditional Middle Eastern recipe…. Yemeni Arab traders brought this dish with them to Kerala….. Thus, one can say that Alisa is a sort of fusion food of Malabar region & Arabs ……Traditionally, Alisa is cooked in large pots on low flames & although it takes a lot of time to cook, the outcome is delicious….. Here I’m going to use pressure cooker for faster cooking.


INGREDIENTS : 1  1/2 cups chamba wheat ( branless wheat), 1/2 kg chicken/ mutton, 1-2 large onions (cubed), few cloves of garlic (optional), 1  1/2 – 2″cinnamon, 1-2 cups coconut milk, water as needed, salt to taste.

Garnish : Ghee, few cashew nuts & raisins, sliced onions.

DIRECTIONS  : Wash & soak the wheat overnight….. In the pressure cooker add wheat, meat, cubed onions, garlic, cinnamon & salt……. Pour in water till the level of water is, upto the second knuckle of the pointing finger from the tip ( say upto 1  1/2″), above the ingredients…….  Cover the pressure cooker & cook till a couple of whistle blows…… Now lower the flame & cook for around 45 mins……… Remove from heat & keep aside for some time……. In the meantime, prepare the garnish by frying cashewnuts, raisins & sliced onions till golden brown.


Now open the pressure cooker lid, mash thoroughly & pour in a cup of coconut milk….. Mix & cook on low flame….. Check for consistency….it should be porridge like…… Add more coconut milk if required…. Turn off the flame……. Serve hot with garnish & little ghee….. Some like to have it with a sprinkling of sugar too.

NOTE :  Alisa can also be had as a breakfast dish….. One can also have it as a main meal with mutton/ chicken fry.

If chamba wheat is not available, one can use rice/ barley/semolina instead….. Cooking time will vary accordingly.


5 thoughts on “ALISA

  1. Great great great …
    Jhilli …this is a fantastic job …
    Really proud of u …truely I don’t know much abt Kerala cuisines …n now will know frm u ….I hvnt tested this delicious dish (Alisa) but can imagine the way u described ….will try to prepare n let u know …n once again proud of u n congratulation …
    Eagerly waiting to ur next post ….Yummy ….love u ….

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  2. Fantastic Jhilli…. keep going. Though not very fond of cooking but would definitely try out some recipes. Please post a few easy to cook, healthy snacks for evening. I am always at my wits end for accompaniments with evening tea. Looking forward to this space for more delicious food.

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  3. Haven’t heard of it before….seems delicious as it is….will try and let you know….meanwhile…..carry on with a big “C”….😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haven’t heard of it before….seems delicious as it is….will try and let you know….meanwhile…..carry on with a big “C”….

    Liked by 2 people

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