This dish is very similar to a Portuguese dish “Fios de ovos”……. Egg yolk is cooked as thin filaments in sugar syrup…… It is particularly popular during Ramzan period & is normally had as a snack.


INGREDIENTS : 6 eggs, 1 cup sugar, a pinch of cardamom, 1-2 cups water.

DIRECTIONS : Carefully separate egg yolks & whites……. Save the whites for further use…… Beat the egg yolks & keep aside.


Sugar syrup : Boil water in a pan…… add sugar & boil, stirring occasionally, till one string consistency is attained….. add a pinch of cardamom powder.

Take a coconut shell & make a small hole in the bottom……


Cover the hole with a finger and pour beaten egg yolk into the shell……. Remove the finger & rotate the shell in circular motion over the syrup……. Egg yolk will fall into the syrup in thin stream….. Boil for few seconds…… Reduce the flame….. Sprinkle some water on it (otherwise the syrup will thicken)……. Carefully remove the filaments of egg yolk from the syrup…….. Increase the flame & continue making Mutta Mala in batches until all the yolks are used up…… Serve.

NOTE : Instead of coconut shell, one can make small holes in a disposable glass and use it to make Mutta Mala.


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