This is an authentic Malabar dish…… This is especially made during Ramzan period.



INGREDIENTS : 6 egg whites, sugar syrup, a pinch of cardamom.

DIRECTIONS : Cool down the sugar syrup left over after making Mutta Mala……. Take the egg whites kept aside while making Mutta Mala & beat well…… Add cardamom powder & enough sugar syrup to it……. Beat till it is frothy…….


Take a pressure cooker and heat water in it….. Take a round steel box & coat the inside with a little ghee…… Pour the beaten egg white mixture into it……


Cover the box & steam it in the pressure cooker till it is firm…..


Remove the box from the pressure cooker….. Cool & remove Pinjanathappam…. Cut into desired shape…… Serve this wonderful subtle tasting pudding.

NOTE : One can also add in 1tbsp milk powder into the egg mixture.


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