Syrian Christians of Kerala, according to tradition, are descendants from the converts of St.Thomas……. St.Thomas was one of the twelve apostles….. They are the oldest Christian community in India & use Syriac as their liturgical language……. Syrian Christians are also known as Nasranis ( meaning they are from Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus Christ)…… Syrian Christian cuisine is rich & varied……. It is a blend of different cooking traditions of Portuguese, Dutch, Syrian, Arab, Chinese & natives of Kerala…… Predominantly non-vegetarian, authentic Syrian Christian food depends on fresh produce, spices ground in stone mortar & pestle, traditional cooking vessels like heavy bell-metal urali or cheena chatti & wood fire for it’s flavour……. The Duck roast, a ceremonial dish, is a big favourite & is made during Easter and Christmas…….. The INRI Appam, an unleavened rice flour cake dipped in jaggery syrup, is eaten to commemorate the Last Supper…… Seafood & meat play a prominent part in the diet….. Vegetables are simply cooked….. Coconut & spices are important ingredients…… The forte of this cuisine is the trace of the various cultures that have influenced this community.



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