Iddiyappam is a favourite breakfast dish….. It is made by steaming & is generally had with a side dish….. The side dish is usually stew, particularly vegetable stew….. Sundays being special, it is had with Chicken stew…… Kids generally like to have iddiyappam with grated fresh coconut, ghee & sugar.


INGREDIENTS : 2 cups rice flour, water, salt to taste, 1 tsp oil, freshly grated coconut, banana leaves.

DIRECTIONS : In a medium pan, heat water with salt & oil till it just starts boiling…….. Pour the hot water to the rice flour stirring continuously to form a dough….. For 2 cups rice flour generally 1 cup water is enough…….. The dough should be moist enough to form into logs without the dough sticking to the fingers……  img-20160630-wa0000_1.jpgIn the meantime, heat water in the iddiyappam steamer…… Place lightly oiled banana leaf (it imparts wonderful flavour) on the steamer plate & sprinkle freshly grated coconut over it……. There are various types of iddiyappam makers found in market……. img-20160630-wa0006_1.jpgTake an iddiyappam maker, oil it and place the dough in it……. Squeeze the dough in circular motion to form a pile of strings……. The pile should not be too thick, reason being it won’t steam evenly…….Place the plate in the steamer over rolling boiling water……. Cook till done, usually 2-5mins…….. Serve hot with stews.p_20160629_144703_hdr_1.jpg

NOTE : The water needs to be just hot to make the dough………if it is boiling hot then the dough will become hard & it would be difficult to press it through the iddiyappam maker…… Also one can use idli steamer to make these.


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  1. Takes me back to my a few experiments with Kochi cuisine…Iddiyappams with fresh coconut, and egg ishtew for breakfast! Or even Iddiyappams with Avial at 2 am after a drink too many…yummy! Thanks for refreshing my memories and thru that my taste buds…where I do get such Kerala food in Mumbai, outside Dakshin?

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