This recipe is a quick & easy Chicken dry roast….. A bit on the spicy side but very delicious & flavoursome ….. Goes very well with rice, Ney Choru (ghee rice), appam,etc….. Since it is dry, can also be served as starter.p_20161124_212121_hdr_1_1.jpg

INGREDIENTS : 1kg chicken, 8-10 onions, 8-10 cloves garlic, 1 lemon, 4 red chillies, crushed black pepper, 2 1″cinnamon sticks, salt to taste, oil.

DIRECTIONS : Marinate chicken with black pepper powder, salt & lemon juice….. p_20161124_164525_hdr_1.jpg

Keep aside for at least half an hour……. Heat oil….. Add sliced onions & sauté till lightly browned…… Add in garlic cloves, red chillies, cinnamon & salt…… Sauté till the mixture turns golden brown…… In the meantime, heat oil in another pan….. Add marinated chicken in batches and lightly brown on high heat……p_20161124_165736_hdr_1.jpg

Now add the browned onion mixture to the chicken…… Add in crushed pepper & salt according to taste….. Cover & cook over low heat till chicken is tender and nicely coated with onion mixture……p_20161124_173832_hdr_1.jpg

Serve hot with Ney Choru…..p_20161124_212157_hdr.jpg

NOTE : If curry leaves are used, add them at the end of roasting to get proper flavour of the leaves…….Can use slit green chillies instead of red chillies….. Chicken with bones is preferable….. Chicken pieces with skin will taste even better as the skin becomes crisp on frying…… Must use freshly crushed pepper for proper flavour.


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