Syrian Christian Cuisine Conclusion ……

Journey through the Syrian Christian Cuisine has been a superb experience……. Also known as Nasrani/Suriani Cuisine, this wonderful cuisine is rich & varied……. Other than the dishes I have tried out there are so many…..
Fish Molee : Mildly spiced fish stew with coconut milk.
Palappam : Lace rimmed pancakes.
Vattayappam : Steamed spongy rice batter cakes.
Kallappam : Toddy pancakes.
Inriappam : Unleavened bread of rice & black beans….named after the abbreviation INRI on the crucifix….. Prepared & had on Maundy Thursday…. After supper, inriappam is dipped in molasses & coconut milk and offered to all family members in a symbolic reenactment of the Last Supper.
Tharavu Roast : Tharavu or Duck roast is generally made during festive occasions.

They have a wide varieties of sweet & savoury snacks called Palahaarams which can generally be stored in airtight containers……
Avalos Podi : Ground roasted rice, coconut, cumin seeds, salt mixture which is mixed with sugar.
Churuttu : Syrupy avalos podi encased in wafer thin pastry made from stiff unroasted pastry dough in banana leaf.
Avalos Unda : Grainy balls made with avalos Podi which is held together with a thin sugar syrup containing lime juice, ghee & cardamom powder.
Manga Thera : Mango & roasted rice flour leather/mat.
Elayappam/Ela Ada : Steamed banana leaf cakes…… These can be kept refrigerated for at least a week.
Kumbilappam/Chakka Appam : Steamed jackfruit cones steamed in fragrant vazhana (also known as Edana/ bay) leaves…. Lasts a week when refrigerated.

Mentioned a few…..there are so many!!!

Recipes handed down from generation to generation, Syrian Christian Cuisine is an unique part of Kerala.