Integral part of Somvanshi Kshatriya Pathare cuisine is the spice mixture – SKP Masala…….. As in every cuisine, each family have a variation of their own.

INGREDIENTS : 50 gm Chana dal, 300 gm whole red chillies, 30 gm turmeric rhizomes, 60 gm cumin, 100 gm coriander seeds, 60 gm mustard seeds, 25 gm black pepper corns, 3-4 gm asafoetida.

DIRECTIONS : Except for asafoetida, keep rest of the ingredients in hot sun for 5/6 days……. Pound the turmeric rhizomes into very small pieces…. Grind…… Dry roast Chana dal, red chillies, cumin, coriander seeds, mustard seeds & black pepper corns separately in a pan on low heat till they release their aroma…… Cool……. Except for mustard, grind all the roasted ingredients…… Separately grind the mustard…….. Mix mustard powder, turmeric powder and asafoetida with rest of the ground spice mix thoroughly…… Store the resultant SKP Masala in an airtight container.

NOTE : For longer period, one must store the masala in the refrigerator.


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  1. Grinding up spices and making fresh masala powders is an integral part of many Indian homes. The food tastes so much better with fresh masala than packaged powders.

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