IMG-20160130-WA0036As you know from Starting Point, the main theme of this blog is influence of food of different cultures & countries on each other…. Being an Indian, it is natural that I’ll start with my own country INDIA…. India is a multifaceted country due to cultural differences, religions, festivals, languages, climate, ethnic groups,etc….. Naturally, because of this the range of cuisines varies here…… Each little corner of the country has a speciality of its own…. Historical incidents such as foreign invasions, colonialism, trade relations have also played a big role in introducing certain food stuffs to this country….for eg. potatoes, chillies, breadfruit were introduced by Potuguese…… Similarly, India introduced a variety of spices to the world….. Thus Indian cuisine reflects centuries of history of various groups & cultures interacting with the subcontinent which led to diversity of flavours & regional cuisines found in modern day India.