This Cochin Jewish style cutlets are very similar to schnitzels made in Austria…….. This is one of the favourite snacks of the Cochini Jews……. Can be also had as starters.


INGREDIENTS : 500gms Chicken breasts, 8- 10 cloves garlic, 1/2 ” ginger, 2-3 green chillies, 1/2-1 tsp black pepper powder, salt to taste, 1 lemon(optional), 1-2 eggs, 1 cup bread crumbs, 1/2 cup flour, oil as required.

DIRECTIONS : Wash & make fillets of chicken breasts…… Beat the fillet with mallet according to the thickness required……. Make a paste of garlic, ginger and green chillies……. marinate chicken fillets with the paste, black pepper powder, salt and lemon juice……… Mix bread crumbs with little salt……


Dredge the chicken fillets in flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs to form cutlets…….




Heat oil…. Fry the cutlets on medium heat till golden brown and crisp on both sides……


Take out on paper towels…….. Serve hot.

NOTE : Lemon juice is optional…… Black pepper & green chillies can be reduced according to taste.



This is an old recipe, most probably, of Portuguese origin…… These are deep fried half moon parcels made with rice/flour and filled with stuffing ….. Various types of stuffings are made from different vegetables, eggs, fish, varieties of meats, etc……. Can be had as snacks/starters……


For Dough : 3 cups rice flour/all purpose flour, 1 egg lightly beaten, 4tbsp melted butter, 1tbsp vegetable oil, 3/4th cup water, salt to taste.
For Stuffing : 500 gms chicken mince, 6-8 onions, few cloves garlic (optional), 1 potato, 2 carrots, 1-2 tsp black pepper powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1-2 tbsp vinegar, 2-3 green chillies, few sprigs of coriander, salt to taste.
Oil for frying.

DIRECTIONS : Mix together butter, oil, egg and water……. Combine about 2 cups flour and salt in another bowl……… Pour egg & butter mixture slowly into the salt & flour mixture…..Keep stirring so that the flour does not clump up…… Add rest of the flour while mixing with hands……. Keep working to form a ball and till the dough is not sticking on the fingers…. Knead till the dough is very smooth…… Cover with a damp cloth and keep aside for at least for 15mins.

To make the stuffing, heat oil….. Add chopped green chilies, ground garlic & sliced onions…… Sauté…….Add finely chopped potatoes & carrots….. Sauté……. Now add in the minced chicken……..Mix in black pepper powder, turmeric powder & salt…. Cook covered till almost done and the mixture dries up…… Stir in vinegar and chopped coriander leaves….Sauté till done….. Cool.

Divide the dough in small balls….. Roll each ball out thinly…… Place a heaped spoon of stuffing on each , fold to make half moons and seal……. Deep fry these pastels in hot oil till golden brown…..Serve hot.

NOTE : If made with rice flour, covering the dough with damp cloth is a must.




Iddiyappam is a favourite breakfast dish….. It is made by steaming & is generally had with a side dish….. The side dish is usually stew, particularly vegetable stew….. Sundays being special, it is had with Chicken stew…… Kids generally like to have iddiyappam with grated fresh coconut, ghee & sugar.


INGREDIENTS : 2 cups rice flour, water, salt to taste, 1 tsp oil, freshly grated coconut, banana leaves.

DIRECTIONS : In a medium pan, heat water with salt & oil till it just starts boiling…….. Pour the hot water to the rice flour stirring continuously to form a dough….. For 2 cups rice flour generally 1 cup water is enough…….. The dough should be moist enough to form into logs without the dough sticking to the fingers……  img-20160630-wa0000_1.jpgIn the meantime, heat water in the iddiyappam steamer…… Place lightly oiled banana leaf (it imparts wonderful flavour) on the steamer plate & sprinkle freshly grated coconut over it……. There are various types of iddiyappam makers found in market……. img-20160630-wa0006_1.jpgTake an iddiyappam maker, oil it and place the dough in it……. Squeeze the dough in circular motion to form a pile of strings……. The pile should not be too thick, reason being it won’t steam evenly…….Place the plate in the steamer over rolling boiling water……. Cook till done, usually 2-5mins…….. Serve hot with stews.p_20160629_144703_hdr_1.jpg

NOTE : The water needs to be just hot to make the dough………if it is boiling hot then the dough will become hard & it would be difficult to press it through the iddiyappam maker…… Also one can use idli steamer to make these.





INGREDIENTS : Tapioca, fresh grated coconut, salt the taste, little coconut oil(optional), curry leaves(optional)

PREPARATION : Chop the tapioca into small pieces. Boil it till soft. Mix the boiled tapioca with salt & fresh coconut. Add coconut oil & curry leaves. Mix & serve.

NOTE : It is advised the that tapioca be boiled open. Also throw away the water in which kappa is boiled.




There may be umpteen varieties of recipes throughout Kerala. I cite few I know.

INGREDIENTS : Tapioca, salt to taste.

FOR CHUTNEY : Onions, green/red chillies, salt to taste, curry leaves(optional), 1/2 tsp coconut oil(optional).

PREPARATION : Cut tapioca as big pieces (roughly it can look like logs). Boil in a lot of water till soft. Keep monitoring the fire otherwise it sticks to the bottom. Once cooked, drain the water. Add salt. Toss so that it is absorbed evenly.

For the accompanying chutney, grind together onions, chillies, curry leaves & salt. Add coconut oil & mix well.

Serve the boiled tapioca logs with the onion chutney.

NOTE : To boil the tapioca, thick bottomed vessel should be used.
For the accompanying chutney, either green or red chillies can be used. Both give different flavours. So try it out.




Mutta Mala and Pinjanathappam can be served separately or can be served together to create a sweet combo.


NOTE : To make Mutta Mala, ensure that egg yolks contain no trace of water…… Also pour beaten egg yolks from a certain height so that it falls in a thin stream into the boiling syrup, otherwise egg yolks will form lumps if poured from too close.

To make Pinjanathappam, ensure that egg whites & egg yolks are separated neatly so that not a drop of egg yolk falls into the egg whites…… In this way, it will come out white with flecks of cardamom.




This is an authentic Malabar dish…… This is especially made during Ramzan period.



INGREDIENTS : 6 egg whites, sugar syrup, a pinch of cardamom.

DIRECTIONS : Cool down the sugar syrup left over after making Mutta Mala……. Take the egg whites kept aside while making Mutta Mala & beat well…… Add cardamom powder & enough sugar syrup to it……. Beat till it is frothy…….


Take a pressure cooker and heat water in it….. Take a round steel box & coat the inside with a little ghee…… Pour the beaten egg white mixture into it……


Cover the box & steam it in the pressure cooker till it is firm…..


Remove the box from the pressure cooker….. Cool & remove Pinjanathappam…. Cut into desired shape…… Serve this wonderful subtle tasting pudding.

NOTE : One can also add in 1tbsp milk powder into the egg mixture.