Due to their affluent lifestyle, Pathare Prabhus were often addressed as Sokajis…… Over the years, Pathare Prabhu cuisine has developed into a fine art……. While migrating through Rajasthan, Gujarat, Deccan, Pathare Prabhus picked up different nuances of the cuisines of these states and made it their own……. Thus their journey contributed to the unusual dishes one finds in the community.

Pathare Prabhu Community, usually, are Non Vegetarians……. But, particularly during various religious festivals, the vast repertoire of vegetarian dishes they cook are equally delicious…… Though these vegetarian dishes are prepared with elaborate attempts to make them look similar to non vegetarian ingredients…… For example, while cutting snake gourd for Fried Snake Gourd dish, the vegetable is chopped in such a way so that it resembles small prawns……. Similarly, while cooking Suran (Yam) Curry, it is cooked in such a way so that it is as similar to Mutton Gode as possible.

Being progressive, Pathare Prabhus picked up various cooking techniques like baking during the British Raj…….. Bhanole, a baked cabbage and prawns dish, is an interesting example of how this community adapted a western technique to suit their palate.

Other than the Prabhi Sambhar Masala, Pathare Prabhus have various spice blends which give their cuisine a distinctive subtlety …….. Prabhi Methkut is one such example…… One can cook Bombil Methkutache (Bombay Duck Curry) with this spice blend.

The meals are generally eaten with rice and khakra (chapatis slightly toasted with ghee)……. Coconut Milk Curry is a must…….. Sambhare, Kalvan, Sheer and Gode-Aatle are different types of Coconut Milk Curries.

Pathare Prabhu Cuisine is the result of migration of this community…… It has been wonderful journey through this marvellous cuisine.