Chittaps are rich, soft, porous, delicious pancakes….. These are perfect accompaniment to any gravy items….. The East Indian community prepare Chittaps either with a mixture of rice flour & maida OR rice flour & wheat flour, coconut milk, egg and yeast.


INGREDIENTS : 2 1/2 cups rice flour, 1 1/4 cups maida (white flour), 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup sugar, salt to taste, 2tsp yeast, 1 egg, oil.

DIRECTIONS : In about 1 tbsp lukewarm water stir in yeast with a pinch of sugar…… Set aside for some time….. Mix rice flour, maida, coconut milk, sugar, salt, yeast mix and egg well….. A little water can be added, if required……Set aside to ferment for at least 2-3 hours….. Stir batter again…. If required, add little more coconut milk to get pouring consistency.20180227_142027.jpg
Heat a nonstick pan….. Lightly grease with oil…. Pour batter with a ladle on the pan, softly spread it to form a pancake……20180227_141024.jpg Cover (to retain the heat) and cook on slow fire for a minute or two…..20180227_141144.jpg Flip….. Cook uncovered for a few seconds till done…..20180227_141246.jpg One side will be light brown and the other side whitish…… Serve hot….. Continue this procedure till all the batter is used…… Goes very well with veg / non veg gravies.

NOTE : Sugar can be adjusted according to taste….. Increase coconut milk, if required, to get pouring consistency…….East Indian community use cast iron chittap pan.


Syrian Christian Cuisine Conclusion ……

Journey through the Syrian Christian Cuisine has been a superb experience……. Also known as Nasrani/Suriani Cuisine, this wonderful cuisine is rich & varied……. Other than the dishes I have tried out there are so many…..
Fish Molee : Mildly spiced fish stew with coconut milk.
Palappam : Lace rimmed pancakes.
Vattayappam : Steamed spongy rice batter cakes.
Kallappam : Toddy pancakes.
Inriappam : Unleavened bread of rice & black beans….named after the abbreviation INRI on the crucifix….. Prepared & had on Maundy Thursday…. After supper, inriappam is dipped in molasses & coconut milk and offered to all family members in a symbolic reenactment of the Last Supper.
Tharavu Roast : Tharavu or Duck roast is generally made during festive occasions.

They have a wide varieties of sweet & savoury snacks called Palahaarams which can generally be stored in airtight containers……
Avalos Podi : Ground roasted rice, coconut, cumin seeds, salt mixture which is mixed with sugar.
Churuttu : Syrupy avalos podi encased in wafer thin pastry made from stiff unroasted pastry dough in banana leaf.
Avalos Unda : Grainy balls made with avalos Podi which is held together with a thin sugar syrup containing lime juice, ghee & cardamom powder.
Manga Thera : Mango & roasted rice flour leather/mat.
Elayappam/Ela Ada : Steamed banana leaf cakes…… These can be kept refrigerated for at least a week.
Kumbilappam/Chakka Appam : Steamed jackfruit cones steamed in fragrant vazhana (also known as Edana/ bay) leaves…. Lasts a week when refrigerated.

Mentioned a few…..there are so many!!!

Recipes handed down from generation to generation, Syrian Christian Cuisine is an unique part of Kerala.