It has been wonderful journey through this marvellous cuisine……. The distinctive taste of Mappila Cuisine has been heavily influenced by the faraway traders, from various countries like Portuguese, British, Dutch, Chinese, French, Arabs, etc., who regularly visited this region…….. Arab influence on this cuisine is more pronounced……. Other than the recipes I have written about there are so many wonderful recipes that I must mention here…….

Puttu This is made throughout Kerala…… These are steamed, cylindrical, coarsely ground rice flour & grated coconut cakes……. Mappila speciality is that Puttu is layered with seafood/meat.

Pathiri : These are rice flat breads……. Pathiris are served on special occasions & are served with meat curry.

Muttasirka : This is another Malabar delicacy which is served with spicy scrambled eggs & meat curries.

Arikadukka : Mussels are stuffed with an aromatic rice & coconut mixture…… Marinated in a spicy batter……. & finally deep fried.

Koondal Kadaku Phokuvadu : Masala squid & mussels.

Chemeen Porichattu : Marinated prawn fry.

Chattipathiri : This is made in both sweet & savoury variations …… These are baked, layered flatbreads with rich filling, very similar to Italian Lasagne.

There are many more such wonderful recipes. Thus, in this way, the legacy of the sea faring traders from ancient times continues to live on in this exotic cuisine of Malabar region – MAPPILA CUISINE.