Historically, it is said that Prophet Mohammed drank this tea with black pepper and dates added to it…… Later Arabs made slight changes like adding sugar to the tea, called it Sulaimani, and continued the tradition of drinking it.

While in other parts of Kerala – one can get Kattan Chaya (black tea) without any additions, in Northern Kerala – Sulaimani tea is popular…… Specially after a heavy meal like Biriyani…… This tea is believed to help in digestion……

INGREDIENTS : 1/2 – 1 tsp tea leaves (depending on the strength of the tea leaves used), 2 cups water, 3-4 tsp sugar (or according to taste), fresh lemon juice – according the taste.

DIRECTIONS : Boil water in a pan….. Add tea leaves, cover and immediately turn off the flame….. Brew for 3-5 mins according to taste….. Strain the tea into cups….. Serve hot with sugar & lemon juice.

NOTE : For variations, one can use various spices like cardamom/ cinnamon/ mint/grated ginger either alone or in various combinations……. But must use the spices in very little quantities so that the flavour of the tea is not overpowered…… Also instead of sugar, jaggery/honey can be used.