INGREDIENTS : Fish, vegetables(brinjal, potatoes, drumsticks, etc.), prepared masala, curry leaves, water as required.

PREPARED MASALA : Red/green chillies, turmeric powder, onion, ginger, tomatoes/raw mangoes/tamarind/curd.

PREPARATIONS : Make prepared masala by grinding chillies, turmeric powder, onion, ginger & tomatoes/raw mango/tamarind/curd. Tanginess is a must in Kerala preparations.

Keep water to boil according to consistency. Once it starts boiling add fish, vegetables, prepared masala & curry leaves. Keep boiling till cooked. Serve hot with Kappa Udachath (Mashed Tapioca).

MEEN Curry made with thakkali (tomatoes)……. p_20160620_140500_hdr_1.jpg

Meen Curry made with manga (raw mango)……..p_20160620_140822_hdr_1.jpg

NOTE : Curd with shark is also a variation of fish curry which is normally made in North Kerala. According to Ayurveda, fish & curd is not considered good. So this combination is less popular & less used.
Turmeric is added to all preparations as it is germicidal.