Even though Cochini Jews observed their religious customs, their cuisine has always been influenced by local food habits…… Culinary influence of coconut is very much visible…… While making their dishes, they used coconut milk as an alternative to dairy products.

Some more of the Cochini Jewish specialities are as follows…..
Manja Choru : Chicken fat & stock flavoured yellow rice.

Hubba : Semolina dumplings filled with minced chicken, cabbage, celery, onions & coriander.

Chuttuli meen : Pan fried fish with shallot paste.

Pulip : Cochini Jewish usage for salad.

Motta Salada : Sweet made with egg yolk…… This sweet is very similar to Mutta Mala of Mapila Cuisine…….This is served during weddings & bar mitzvahs (coming of age rituals for children).

Cochin Jewish Cakes : This is made from a rich batter of semolina, eggs, sugar, ghee, raisins & nuts….. This is an Rosh Hashanah speciality.

Ural : Wheat pudding very similar to the halwa….. This is had to break fast during Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

Chukunda : Tiny fried/baked sweet rice balls.

Achappam : Crunchy flower shaped snack…….similar to Struva, Swedish rosettes.

Sharkkara Ada : Stuffing made with coconut & jaggery is placed in rice dough and steamed in banana leaf…… This is eaten to break the 24 hour Fast of Ab.

Churullappam : Crepe filled with stuffing made with coconut & sugar.

Mooli : A hot drink is prepared by boiling coriander & cumin seeds in water….. Little cardamom, cinnamon & cloves are added….. Served hot with sugar….. This drink is served in those houses observing bereavement.

Cochini Jews have contributed vastly to the the varied cuisine of Kerala.